Authors are artistes that paint

Pictures in the minds of others,

Hoping to move your emotions,

To bring tears of happinesss with Joy,

Or with  sadness through regret.

They write to amuse you, 

To Chill and Thrill you,

Very often to guide you ,

Hoping  to inspire you!

But unless their work is in print

It is all a  waste,

So if you have words to say,

Don't sit on the fence

Leaving them in a drawer

Send them to us,

Let  A.P.F.Publisher.  

Publish For You!

So you  see the joy of them

All in a BOOK

Contact us now!

Whether you write for

Adults or children

Let your work be read!


A sincere company

       that takes

Pride taken in

    each book done

All formatting completed

       to make,
Scripts shine on

    every single page

Showing off your

    wonderful words,
In the best most

     excellent way
On a principle to

      please and satisfy,
Noting your every

      desire and wish

Always working

      along beside you

Taking one step

      carefully at a time

Enjoying doing all

      one possibly can

Loving the creativity

      and the artistry 

Your words inspire!


Facing each manuscript

A truly fresh approach


It is truly a very special

Refreshingly unique

      to shine!



A Passionately Fair Publisher

Known as A.P.F.P.

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A.P.F.P. is a publishing company created by me in order to do books for charity and help all other
writers to get their books published reasonably without having any revenues earned taken away
from them... See "My Terms" page and do check out the Author Comments page too...
Then delight in seeing all the other pages set up to portray the Authors and their books...
Page links can be found above under my heading  just click on the page / author name you want
 and the page will open for you... On many you will be able to see the video too
that I also created to promote them and their book

With Great Joy I Now Introduce  The Writers and Poetry Alliance! 


This is a members only site where you can freely share your inspired written work with others, be it Poetry, Short Stories, Snippets or preview of your novels too, be they fact, fiction,    Spiritual, horror, futuristic, biographical suitable for all. By sharing your work and posting on site you will gain from  reviews given by other like minded writers...When writing we know that although we all edit our own work again and again  it is still very easy to miss something,  so by having it reviewed in this way, we can not only get help to grow and learn, we can also get a good idea of how our work will be accepted and received once given the public to read. This is a poetry / writer lovers site designed for all to share their literary talent in a fun loving way, and you will gain much from the joy of friendship that comes through you review and post you also gain points of merit that earns you the right to portray tour prestigious  symbols anywhere where you sign your name...



Poetry and Publishing Alliance is a site for all recommended poets and writers...If you are a writer and you would like to  to become a member then don't hesitate contact us now...

'Come Join Our Alliance'

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To all you aspiring authors ...

I hope you see the welcoming sign above because it is there as a beacon to guide you to our site and nearer to having  your hopes and literature dreams come true! Writers/Poets get to know what a great joy it is to behold when see your own work put into a manuscript and then the immense delightful happiness at holding your book in your hands...Don't stay out in the cold  with all your inspired work, left just where you wrote it... Let me help you make your book a reality!


"A story is not a story until it is spread,

  A poem is not a poem until it is read."

Give me the pleasureable joy to help you be read,       

I will do all that any other publisher does for you,       Plus all the extra's that other publishers make you pay extra for such as... design cover-work, inserting your pictures, getting you an IBSN number to copyright your book and make it available through your own Shop store link at Lulu and others like  if you have no website of your own I will create for you your own page on my website that you can use to promote your book...

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