The Reasons

 Children who are innocent,
homeless that are cold.
Sick folks needing medicine,
all the lonely old.
The birth of one's first baby,
families on the mend.
The passing of an old friend,
love that sparks again.
Feelings for an old house,
lives that slip away.
Thoughts that I find funny,
mean things people say.
Wars that cause destruction,
soldiers that have died.
Kids that don't know where to turn,
parents who have cried.
Staring at September's flower,
watching fall leaves turn.
Winters that go by too slow,
summers that you yearn.
Blue jays eating peanuts,
geese I've seen in flight.
Pieces of existence,
the reasons that I write.


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The Flower

It hung there

in the window,
and pleasure

 it would give,
to a woman

who did not
have very long

to live.

She was in

an accident,
and so when

she passed on;
the flower slowly

for all the love

 was gone.

Her husband

loved her truly,
and knew she loved

that plant.
He was going to

throw it out,
but then he thought

"I can't".

He went to ask

his neighbor
if her poor plant

was dead.
He said that he

wasn't sure,
they'd put it in

his bed.

That flower bed

was in a spot
her husband

passed each day.
So when the flower

shot back up
he noticed

right away.

He watched it grow

for fifteen years
until he joined

his wife.
Now it's a

reminder of
the love they

shared in life.



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