The sand was hot;

we were barefoot,
down the road we came,

carrying a stick,

laughing quick,

life was just a game.


Throwing a rock,

kicking sand,

waiting for the rain,
whistling loud,

mocking the birds,

up and down the lane.



in the water hole,

fishing in the creek,
nothing sad,

nothing bad,

no happiness to seek.


There was no money

to be had,

so none was craved,

we worked and played,

sang our song,

the weather we braved.


Through the woods,

we quietly ran

to surprise a prey.

Slingshots ready,

rocks aplenty,
hunting each day.


Close encounters

with crawling critters,
gave us fright,

a slight at school,

act the fool,
for a fight.


Now I travel

down the road

many miles per hour.
In a hurry,

lots of worry,

Life is so sour.



No smile,

just shake my fist
at drivers in my way.

No happiness,

peace and bliss,
nothing nice to say.


Then my mind drifts away

 to days so long ago,

when my special friend

and I lived

life with a glow.


Where is he today,

and how

did he live his life?
I moved away

one winter Day;

felt like a knife.


Life was very different,
life was good and bad,

life was nothing

at all like the life

we boys had.

I cherish that time we had,

no fortune or fame,

when as happy little boys,
Down the Road We Came.







I am Robert Hewett Sr  aka  Poet Cottonwood I am a senior citizen living in Louisville, Kentucky USA.
I write poems and short stories.

                          My poems include those intended for Children, ages 5 to 12; Love and Romance; Humor and Old West adventure with love imbedded there. Now I am so happy and pleased to show my video and announce here the story book and poetry books that I have published......

My Latest Story Book

This is a fictional story of a Kentucky Thoroughbred loaned to the Pony Express by a Kentucky breeder with great reluctance and sorrow. Thunderfoot was the horse of his dreams. His love for his country was the only force powerful enough to make him let go of this horse, and he wanted him back when his tour with the Pony Express was over. In this short story Thunderfoot proves his greatness as he encounters flooded rivers, Indian attacks, and other adversities before he returns to Kentucky.

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This will also get me another hit...

ISBN: 978-1-4092-4294-9

Cover design and all interior artwork done by Pat Simpson

A most wonderful poetry book that will enchant and amuse all children from age 5yrs upwards... Within the pages Robert recalls through all his poems stories he as loved all his life since hearing them told by his own Father as a young boy, stories that take you into the world of woodland creatures seeing life through their eyes, there are also    some true stories from the author's childhood...                 All this plus much, much more with loving morals throughout to make this a most delightful book and a wonderful gift for any child... 

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I am very pleased to say that this is a book that enchanted me as I was preparing it... being a big kid at heart i found this book to have everything that a child would ever look for, full of wonderful stories that will delight, amuse and learn children through a  good moral within the tale...I can highly reccommend it and I am so very proud to be associated with its release.... Pat  Simpson.


 Robert Hewett Sr.
Won this video portrayal of his poem in the Autumn Book

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