Erich J Goller


Encouraging others in inspiring way
Respect he shows all every day

Investing his time to create
Challenges for others to participate
Helping the Alliance to be great

Just and fair thoughtful of mind

Greatly giving reviews kind
Openly expressing poetry of love
Lighting up hearts like the sun above
Letting it be known he believes it true
Eternity awaits if you truly do
Righteously show love flows through you



Forever Endless

Ameri Sonnet)



Neath the skies of brightest blue

Where love fills every heart

Heaven’s miracles in view

That blessing shall never part.


When you are looking above

Feel the warmth of a bright ray

Your heart will light up with love

Though that light is far away


Forever in endless time

Where the soul is safe and free

Don’t give up, it’s worth the climb

Life throughout eternity.


Close your eyes, open your heart

Feel all the worries depart



Enjoy Each Day

(Free Style)


 For all tomorows

there are todays


enjoy them

to the fullest


they shall never

come your way.


Persistence pays

if you try hard

and long enough.

You may wake up


       HEAVENLY LOVE                              

 The whole world

is not damned                            

 If you choose

God’s heavenly love,                        

Erich J Goller AKA  Poet Vienna....WELCOME 

My Honored title "Scribe Logo Above" Achieved at

The Writers & Poetry Alliance Club 

for continued  Poetry submissions and Excellent Reviewing

My Latest Greatest  Book

ISBN: 978-1-312-90368-5


Loving yourself is a must, because love must always start

Within you from the day you’re born with the beating of your heart

Love truly does come from within and because it’s there then it must flow

To touch and embrace others around for it to come back for you to know


Remember God built us in His image love yourself for this if nothing more

Because if you cannot love yourself then you don’t feel worthy for sure

You must never ask another to do what you yourself can’t do

For if you cannot love yourself then don’t expect others to


God put love into your heart it came with your heart and soul

So let the love within you flow in and out to keep you whole

© Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson


My Eighth Book

ISBN  9781304914736

This is Erich’s eight book, a wonderful variety of poetry about, life, inspirational, love, nature, dreams, uplifting, faith, wisdom, humor, fantasy, lyrics, written in different poetic styles. 

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My Seventh Book

ISBN: 978-1-300-72855-9 

My Seventh Book of Japanese styled Poetry to suit and inspire all age groups 

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ISBN: 978-1-105-52737-1

This is Erich’s sixth book , a wonderful variety of poetry about life, inspiration love, 

nature, dreams, faith, wisdom. fantasy, humor, lyrics, written in different poetic styles. 

A great read for family members all ages and a fantastic style learning book for Poets

My Funniest Book 

ISBN: 978-1-257-75895-1

Erich's great fun book was written just for the “PUN” of it...

This is a most humorously joyful happy read .. they say smiles are worth a fortune...

in that case with this book you will certainly be rich for you will not only smile at is puns

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Erich’s Other Books

ISBN 978-0-557-83419-8
Erich’s fourth book, a wonderful variety of poetry about nature,
inspirational, uplifting, love,dreams, faith, wisdom, humor, fantasy,
all done in poems written in different poetic forms, written for all ages to enjoy,
it might bring some pleasant memories back as you read and maybe stimulate some of your dreams




Here Is My Bio Story Book

ISBN: 978-0-557-36130-4

This book is a collection of true life stories from a man who grew up in Vienna during World War two.

As a young boy Erich survived many close encounters with starvation and death, yet with a feeling of being blessed,

‘The Candle Kept Burning.’ Erich saw, first hand, soldiers taking his friends and neighbors away to be killed or imprisoned.

A sheer stroke of luck kept his mother and sister from being raped by evil enemy soldiers.

The eyes of a young boy saw terror beyond belief. Here are the words of a man who has lived through

more in a lifetime than most of us will ever dream of seeing.

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This is a collection of poetry that has been written over a long period of time.
The title for this book and poem “Groovy...  was inspired from the nineteen-sixties,
living in Los Angeles when love was in the air.
It is a variety collection of poems about Love, faith, nature, humor,
dreams, fantasy, Both happy times and sad, inspirational,
Groovy and so much more. " displaying 282 poems in 25 different forms"   
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Erich's Fiirst Published Book ...Done By A.P.F.P. Pat Simpson

ISBN: 978-0-6151-9266-6  size 6 x 9

This is a wonderful book that will take you through Erich's life journey

 from him being a boy in Vienna during world war two,

to his arriving in America in the early fifties...

Within this book you will see Erich's Love of God,

His family, nature and life itself. His poems also reflect his romantic heart..

all wonderfully written to be easily read and enjoyed by all ages...

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