My New Reality

When I was young,

faeries kept me from

seeing  the real world.

I lived in a land of

beautiful rainbow colors.
Passion in Rainbow Realm

seeks a believing spirit.
Without it, no dreams

could come true and no

hopes would blossom.

How I miss that realm

of long ago, with

sorrowed aging eyes.
The colors, the air;
Alive with the fluttered wings

 and gossamer gowns

The fragrances of flowers

and morning dew
The whispered giggle

and tickle of the ears,
A tug of locks of my hair.
I know the faeries are still

there, Waiting for me,

with heart-hugs, to be


In my time of reality,

I crave the adventurer

of my youth.

 Life has sought the

physical shell the mind has

 now silently screamed

for release.

I think,
Yes, I think
I will go to the

Rainbow Realm once more.
I will indeed make alive the

dreams and the hopes.
Once more, they will

breathe in my heart.
This time, I take them

carefully home.
This home of Reality…
I will set free
What had been trapped.
The dreams that were meant to be
Are now my new reality.

Oh, My!!! What a write up

and awesome video....

I am overwhelmed!!! 

Peter and I....

couldn't be....


All is Rainbows and a romance

 that'll last....forever....

Thank you Pat...

.for your creative talents....

I can't thank you....

or the Admin...enough....

for all the awesome


I can't thank the poets

who voted for my poem

 "Summer Solstice" enough

for helping me achieve one

of my greatest....goals....

Hugs.. Brightest Blessings

to you and yours.....



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