The Trojan Horse


America the beautiful and
Not so long ago the free,
A Trojan horse the built
That no-one else could see.

Out did they creep, one by one
To do us harm
As much as can be done,
With all the fear and sorrow
That they have done
Terrorists will not bring
America down.

United as never before
They have brought the fight back
To their own door!
Never must they be able to
Build a Trojan horse again.

Freedom will take the course
Back to where it used to be
To America the beautiful
America and the free.

© Erich J. Goller

In memory for all

on that 9/11 day!

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Books Poetic Closing Words

 As we bring this book to a close 

For all those lost we give a rose

To all the fire-fighters that were there

We say “God Bless You” for showing care

 © Patricia Ann Farnsworth- Simpson


A poet selectively chooses

to write with word about roses.

Your lives in our hearts are always living

Accept this=a Peace Rose for your unselfish giving.

 © James Pocza


With this rose the color of red

Comes my compassion for the dead

In the line of duty you gave your all

On 9/11/2001 you fire-fighters stood tall

 © Michael L. Schuh


You never faltered, you never held back

You rushed to the scene with heavy pack

Climbing the stairs with this heavy load

Always in your people saving mode.

 © Robert Hewett Sr.


And giving up the ultimate sacrifice

For others from those that were not so nice

So as we stand and honor them today

Please remember 343 firemen that too  perished away

 © Katherine Stella


September 11 did not change everything

Even sadly for many the bell did ring

The time is marching along

America shall forever move on strong

 © Erich J Goller


All around the world let us unite

By joining hands in silent prayer tonight

We reach to every heart and soul

Whose lives were changed forevermore

 © Leokadia Durmaj


A beacon of heroism to eternally shine

As with respect their memory we enshrine

To those who toiled in the task of tears

That it shall not dim through passing years

© John W. Henson


For those who lost ones on that day,

we bow our heads and with you pray.

From ash the nation rose above

with souls of faith and hearts of love.

 © Karen O’Leary


Words are written with a slow pen

As we remember long ago when

Thick dark smoke clouded our sky

American's cry asking God why 

 © Rhoda Galgiani


These poems set forth.

In memories like a torch

Shinning in history.

This sad time in infamy.

© MAFLongfellow


To all  9-11 first responders,

There aren’t enough words to praise your valor

For You who paid the ultimate price

To die saving other’s lives.

 © J.j. Nguyễn-Phước


And though it seemed our darkest hour,

In terror or foes would have us cower,

We found the strength to face those fears

Through gritted teeth and veils of tears

 ©Paul Sands


Every one will die one day

How we lived is by which we are remembered

Life has  never been fair

Eternal is the memory of the few who dare

 © Mojgan Imani


A salute to our Fire Fighters near and far

Humble is the hero you are

Thank you for the service you render

A toughened Hero whose heart is tender

 © Dena M. Ferrari


Just remembering the pain today

For all the souls we lost that day

Praying all hearts in God may dwell

And that in His grace they get well

 © Dorian Petersen-Potter


For those who live with loss today

Comfort, peace and hope we pray

That, while remembering the pain

They'll know that life can rise again.

 © Ruth Maguire


For the Hell that came our way

Ten years ago this day

We’ll sing out defiance in a flock

Praising  Jesus  because He's our rock

 © Cleveland Deeds


To the survivors of the twin blast

May peace be with you in all your tasks

 To those who are resting in peace

Stay in Jesus' arms...never cease!

© Joseph S. Spence Sr.


Let your hearts move slowly forward

As you remember your sorrow,

Let their love in your hearts be stored

As you reach a brighter ‘morrow.

© Jan Henson


We hope our words offer you peace

We pray that terrorists act's cease

We thank you for everything you've done

May you find comfort with Lord's Son
© Christina R Jussaume


Now at the closing of this book

We “Thank You” all for taking look

We pray by reading book you did find

Comfort to give you peace of mind!

 © Patricia Ann Farnsworth- Simpson

9/11 Ten Years On 'Remembered'

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This is a collection of poetry written to pay tribute and honor all the victims of this horrific tragedy. It has been ten years since that terrible act of terrorism occurred. Within these pages you will find very emotional poems that express how we all felt after this happened. Inside are poems written from a child’s point of view and questions that they might have asked their parents. There are poems that offer comfort, consolation and resolution. This is the second book in the 9 / 11 collection that we have done for the Fire-Fighters and we pray it will be successful and very much read as all 100% revenue is contributed to the Fire-Fighters fund that still is in very much in need…So by buying this book you too can find joy in the fact of knowing that you too have contributed to this most needed, very worthy cause....

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 Passionate Patriotic Poetry

Our First  9 / 11 book & Video

ISBN: 978-0-557-10909-8
This is a volume of poetry for the world to remember and read to their loved ones about the day when suicide hijackers crashed two planes, one into the east twin tower and another into the west tower of the World’s Trade Center; thereafter, other hijackers crashed a plane into the pentagon, and another was stopped short by heroic passengers before it could hit the Presidential White House which was its intended target. May the souls of the victims and their families be remembered as they are honorably lifted up by
All revenue raised will be paid to The Firefighters Fund

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