Answer To Concerns




You speak of feelings…

Tiny sensations,


to the inner core.


controlled from the heart,

 sustained by the thought.

Engaged to the pain

or ecstatic elation...

We could not exist without

feeling these things.


You speak of time…

A clock moving on

or a moment spent sharing?

Lonely hours

and days…

What is life

but a time machine

predestined by fate?

You touch on love…

A man and a woman

sharing time

and feelings

away from the crowd

or giving comfort?

Can you love

without pain

and not be afraid to love?


You mentioned a dream…

A fantasy

or desire?

We dream many dreams

without an ending.

You ask of me…

A mirror,

an image projected.

So few look


An image

is not real...


keeps the passage
of inner fires a silent heartbeat
in empty days.
Campfire Moment
our campfire moment
velvet intoxication
laced with fantasy’s charms 
True Friends
a vision of eternal tomorrow
joins sweetness with a dash
of faith.
I am Janet L Vick I am proud to be able to announce my books to you here on this web page.
My Latest Book titled: 
Come and enjoy yourself with Janet and me
Take a walk with us through her Barefootin Country
I promise the time spent you will enjoy
It could not be in better employ
You will relax as you relate 
To all the things upon the plate
Take a look too at the video done
Making it gave me much fun...
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Ma and Pa's Fun and Dark Shadows 

ISBN: 978-1-300-80466-6

Ma and Pa’s Fun and Dark Shadows
are mostly tales of everyday adventures. 
My muse likes to elaborate on mishaps
 and other points of interest from the day. 
Don’t get confused if objects take on a life 
and entertain you for a bit….
I like to become a thing and to try thinking
 like a thing might... JLVick
My Third Book titled "Moments in Time"
ISBN: 978-1-300-71797-3
See more about it here in my video to promote it... 
My Second book titled "Living Simply"
ISBN: 978-1-300-55912-2
See more about it here in my video to promote it.. 
My first  book that came about because I won a book publishing contract with the publisher on  web site 
where I am a member
My winning poem was titled:
"Do Angels Ride The Raindrops"
A poem I dedicated to my daughter and of course it is included in the book that is also dedicated to my daughter Maxine for most of the poems within it I wrote after I had lost her, the writing of them and my love of God truly did help me through my despair, Thus I got the title:
ISBN: 978-1-4092-8653-0
This is a book that truly does portray all the grieving process that a Mother faces at the loss of a child... it also shows how she gains strength from her love of God and His teachings of life everlasting... a most wonderful deeply caring book ...When reading it I could clearly see  how Janet pulled herself up from deepest despair into acceptance with her love of God helping her through 
to let her see through her belief that it was not the end... 
I am very proud of this book and of the cover I designed for it ... for the joy it brought to Janet was like the rainbow above and 
very clear for me to see...Pat Simpson  
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