Writing Mentors


From editors requesting revisions

    to suggestions from my friends,

Many have aided in my journey

    which is far from over yet.

Sifting through their comments,

    pulling out what I can use,

I make adjustments to my writing

    and feel my words improve.

Sharing thoughts with others

    has helped me grow along the way.

I am richer for their input

    and grateful that they gave.



Honor is not a

five letter word

waving in the wind.

     Honor is truth

     Ongoing commitment

     Never wavering values

     Others placed first

     Respect and integrity

Honor is standing

against mountains to

preserve grains of sand.


Painting pictures with words

Opening a part of the soul

Emotion flowing with the lines

Tapestry skillfully woven

Reflecting thoughts artfully

Yearning to make a difference.


A beautiful video connecting to the
 inspiration of the author behind her words.
 A moving introduction to an incredibly
talented poetess and friend. Karen O'Leary
 is as beautiful and inspiring as her poetry.
You will be comforted and enriched by
 every word you read.
 Congratulations Karen and much success
and happiness always! Love, Shar xoxo

Karen O'Leary has proven to be a
 wonderful poet and a source of much
 inspiration for readers. I hope to read
her new book soon and wish her
 the best of success.
 It is truly a lovely video, Pat.
 Congratulations, Karen!
Love, Carolyn

If you are a writer

Come and join us

Sharing your words

Makes them grow...

 Contact E: Mail:

First I give thanks to Patricia Farnsworth-Simpson,

my editor and publisher.

Her beautiful cover design was the inspiration

to begin this journey.

Without her generosity and guidance,

this book would have never been born.

She is a published author and the director of

The Writers and Poetry Alliance.


Now It Is With Great Joy That I Portray

My First Book 

ISBN:  978-1-257-01867-3

A Writer’s Wings

  Creativity Whispers
in the wings
Sometimes it blows
in gusts
Sometimes it trickles like
sprinkling rain
Sometimes it dries up
for a season
Then, it whispers
once again...

"Whispers" is an easy reading book of poetry. I found it to be "literally relaxing". Being an
editor/poet, I keep a dictionary near me most of the time. I did not have to consult the dictionary
once while reading "Whispers".
     Your book is very uncluttered and clear. Your use of alliteration is entertaining. The illustrations
supplement the title of the book subliminally.
      The poems I particulatly liked were: "The Patriots","Decisive With God","Rich Man","Grandma",
"Paraclete Befrienders","The Puppet","A Moment of Freedom","Gym Locker","In Unity...", and of
course "Whispers".
       Keep creating, never rest your pen!!!
 Yours in Words,
                  Arthur C. Ford,Sr.

* Beautiful video and a beautiful presentation of your book Karen. . .
Your poetry is both heartfelt and so pleasing to read.
Best wishes for much success with your book.
Thank you Pat for another wonderful video.
Cottonwood aka Robert Hewett Sr.

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I Thank you all for viewing this video
 and those of you that left a message

I applaud you for taking the time to do so ....
Karen O'Leary's book was no whisper to publish
 it was one long happy joyful inspirational
As was this video that I created for her  ....
With all my work on this book is done now
All I hope is that the people of the world
get a chance to read her wonderful


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