Can You Hear Me


I'm right here

by your side.

Remembering all

you did for us.

Your family

was your pride.


Can You Hear Me


They say

"Just Reminisce".

But what I want

to say,

Please remember



When you meet

our Saviour.

He will know very well.

For I've prayed

and talked to Him

About you for awhile.


Just say Hello!

Angels He will send.

They'll reach right down,

And help you in.


Can You Hear Me


I just can't say


Stay here as long

as you can.

Then I'll just

kiss you Mother




Armed Forces Day

May 15th Somewhere  

The Moon is shining,

On my love somewhere.
Lord light his path,

And protect him there.

Stars twinkle,

As he gazes on high.
Let him know,

That you are nearby.

Sunbeams streaming,

Through window pane.
Kiss him gently,

Till he's home again.....

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