And He Calls 

Me Angel.

He came into my life, Heaven-sent,

A loving heart he lends.

Brightening my days.

Giving me another reason to have faith.

…And he calls me Angel.


Caring so much,

Showing intoxicating love.

So strongly I feel his heart,

As I hope he feels mine too,

 though seemingly miles apart.

…And he calls me Angel.


His love so enduring,

His spirit so alluring.

He captivates my thoughts,

As in my heart love is brought.

And he calls me Angel.


He is a man strong and true,

Conquering all he sets out to do.

He makes me feel special and loved,

My heart he can effortlessly touch.

…And he calls me Angel.


He has done so much for me,

Most he may not know completely.

He is my joy when I need a smile,

He is my hope in love all the while.

…And he calls me Angel.



Her Happiest Place


Click video above to look and enjoy


This novel will touch your heart and soul Melody,

a young lady afflicted with Cerebral Palsy.

Recounts her imaginary experiences had she

attended a college or university in pursuit of degrees

in Journalism and/or photography.

The novel is fiction, but is built around the dreams and reality

of the author. Her leading lady, Melody, has the author’s #

Cerebral Palsy affliction, which made climbing stairs and

other conditions difficult. With the help of her college

roommate Kim and other friends who helped

take care of her on campus,

Melody was able to make her classes,

participate in social life on campus, and excel in her classes. 

Right away Melody becomes friends with the most 

handsome boy on campus, an aspiring medical doctor student. 

Much to the chagrin of the girls on campus, 

the story shifts to their ever-growing friendship.

The very sad ending will likely bring tears to the reader's eyes.

This is a fictional love story based, in part,

on a true story of friendship revealed at the end of the novel…

There is a mildly veiled surprise ending,

Read the novel, this is the first of many from this author

who is headed for the bigtime.


 Robert Hewett Sr. ,

 Published Author