The Heart of the Sea

Listen closely to me, my dear
For this is the tale
Of a beautiful monster
Known by legend as the white whale


You must be wary if you hunt him
For there is nothing bigger than he
Venture not where he'll be found
In the heart of the sea




Little Alfie

Wanted to Dance

But he was told no,

not a chance

Go play sports

and leave us be

Said the girls unto he

Alfie entered a

competition where

He was the only

little boy there

He knew he had to

take this chance

He got on stage

and began to dance

Everyone cheered

as he had won

No more sports

from this day on!

Little Alfie learned


important that day

Do what you love

and ignore

what others say







Nicholas John Biela


Welcomes you to his page featuring his book release titled:

The Bird Who Couldn't Fly


ISBN: 978-1-387-95773-6


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