They Will Be Remembered

Regimental lines of white marble

Each with a story to tell

Here lie the remains of soldiers

Not far from where they fell

Some have names appended

Other are marked unknown

Many were just children

When in a moment their lives were gone

They all will be remembered 

For the courage that shone so true

In their every fighting moment

So that we as country might win through 

 © George L. Ellison

Always Remember


Always remember

that loved ones gone above

Will want to look down and see

You standing with love

So show a smiling face

Whenever you think of them gone 

Let them see you are okay

Then they can move on 

Don’t forget, re-call the good times together

Though it may bring tears in you

Make sure there’s a smile

They can see coming through!


For they will never want to see

You unhappy in strife

They’ll only ever want you to be

Smiling happily in life!


© Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson

The Fragility of Earthly Life


Dear Father God help us to see
That life on Earth is not Heavenly
That only when we rise above
We will enjoy peaceful love

For this is Earth and Earth is known
To have tempestuous hurricanes blown
Typhoons that make us count the cost
Of seeing all our loved ones lost

Yes! Sadly this is not Heaven its Earth
Where life at times doesn't have much worth
Yet with love we can overcome to see
Heaven is there for you and meet

If we just accept, overcome and outgrow
All the heartaches that give us a blow
Of pain in the guts in the heart and soul
To let love keep our spirits whole

Love is the light that leads the way
So Lord please help us every day
To step over all the debris and pain
To walk in the light so that we will gain

The right to live in Heaven with You
Where the sea and skies are the only thing blue
Where joyful happiness does never cease
Because hearts are thriving on perfect peace

Where loved ones past and present can be
Forever together in harmony
Sharing caring growing with light
In Heaven where Earthly pain won't blight!



© Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson

Call to Poets

Calling all poets world wide
Lift up their pens and write with pride
Some encouraging words to help those in need
Please do so now and in great speed
For people in the Philippines I wish to do
A fund raising poetry book that I hope includes you
If you write please send your words to me
then you will see
Them in pages of book when it’s out on release.
And do tell others you know to join in please
The more the merrier the better the book
For all to buy and take a look
All 100% revenue is to be

Paid to the Food Aid International Charity..

 Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson


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1914 Remembered 


One hundred years they have come and gone
Since those brave men volunteered to fight 
One hundred years they have come and gone

It’s quiet now on western front sites
Poppies grow where brave men gave their lives
Since those brave men volunteered to fight 

For king and country, children and wives
They battled in trenches with bullet scars
Poppies grow where brave men gave their lives

Twas to be the war to end all wars
To bring us all everlasting peace
They battled in trenches with bullet scars

Many died and they found Gods sweet relief
All fought bravely some the tale to tell
To bring us all everlasting peace

Decades have passed but still there’s belief
Many died and they found Gods sweet relief
One hundred years they have come and gone
One hundred years they have come and gone


© George L. Ellison

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ISBN 9781304717085

This is a most wonderful compilation of poetry ... words all written with much caring love in support of the Philippine people at their time of most need ... every copy bought will raise funds to help feed these desperate people in need ... buy a copy to enjoy reading the book but most of all to help and give


Books Foreword

"We live in a world where a child dies every 6 seconds due to hunger and starvation.  That's over 5.5 million children 
that will die this year simply because they do not have enough to eat.  At Food Aid International, we are passionate 
about partnering with school, colleges, faith groups, businesses and individuals in funding and packaging 
malnutrition-fighting meals that are shipped to hungry children around the world.  

 For just $0.25, we can package and ship a meal that literally can save the life of a child.  

There is now significant need for food relief in the Philippines as a result of their recent devastating typhoon.  
Estimates show that over 11 million were impacted by the typhoon in the Philippines, with as many as 2 million in desperate need of food relief.  On behalf of Food Aid International,       I want to thank Pat Simpson and all of the poets that have contributed to this book with the purpose of raising funds to help feed the children of the Philippines.  Your investment through poetry is literally saving  the lives of starving children.  I also want to thank all of the readers who have purchased this book in order to impact the lives of the victims in the Philippines.   Together, both poets and readers are taking Hope to the Hungry!"

 Chris Leader

A collection of excellently written heartfelt poems, to raise money to bring aid to the victims 
of the Philippines disaster. Every penny from this book will go to world food aid, 
to bring much needed food to those poor people. Members of the poetry alliance
 from around the world, have once again come together for a good cause. 
donating poems written from the heart. Like everyone we were deeply upset 
by the disaster and felt we needed to do something to help. 
This is our small contribution. Patricia Ann Farnsworth Simpson. 
Is our patron and good friend She is a accomplished publisher and writer, 
with many books to her credit. She is a champion for good causes, 
and works hard and tirelessly, giving her time to give to others. 
A big thank you to Rory Hudson and Brian Parker and many others for their poems. 
Please help our campaign by buying a copy of this excellent book. 
By doing so, you will also be giving to those poor people, and helping them 
get on their feet again. They still need all the help they can get. 
Thank you and Best wishes alliance member....  
Peter Dome

This wonderful collection of poems is donated kindly by many poets world wide. 
Each of our contributions are heartfelt and sincere. Tragic events that are weather 
predicted the worst. We have all watched in horror...we are now watching the world....
band together to help the people of the Philippine's get back on their feet. 
I am happy to be a contributor of this wonderful project. A huge Thank You goes to Pat...
our publisher and dear friend. May our words....touch your heart.... 
This endeavour is for a great and just cause...please help...purchase your copy today! 
Thank you in advance... Brightest Blessings to you and yours...
Dena M.Ferrari

Click Here To Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
ISBN 9781304717085


This video is to help promote the fund raising book that has been accomplished for the 
Food -Aid International Charity in order to help feed the people of the Philippines... 
All the poetry has been freely donated and all work on the book including, formatting. 
cover designing etc. has been done freely by Pat Simpson at  
Please buy a copy and you will be donating all 100% of the revenue to the cause.