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Here's one of my poems.

One day a man went out

for a long horse ride.
He was on his horse

 named Pride,
He was out about

an hour are so..
He was riding along

very slow.
All of a sudden

the horse stood still.
He heard a voice say

Bill was this mans name

of course.
The voice was coming

from the horse.
He couldn't believe

what he was hearing,
He got off of the horse

and lead him to a clearing.
He gathered himself

and said,

"What did you say?"
Pride said "Bill 

I don't like just hay"
Bill's eyes were as big

as could be.
He said to himself ,

this can't be happening

Not to me.
Pride went on to say,

"you have gained

 some pounds,
your belly is getting

very round.."
By this time Bill knew

he wasn't having

a dream.
He lead his horse

to a near by stream.
Then Pride said

"Thank you!

 for letting me drink,
and by the way Bill

you always stink".
Bill didn't know

what to do

at this point in time.
The horse said,

"Bill you are good

and so very kind,
And a better owner

would be hard to find."
Bill said

“thank you for saying that”.
as he put on his hat.
Pride said,

"I don't want to be

but I just don't like hay

all the time.
Bill gave Pride a big smile,
And said he would give

him  some oats too,

once in a while.
Pride said,

"A bath would be good

 for you, and don't forget

between your toes too."
He said “yes!

 I will take one now.”
Giving Pride a big smile.
When his bath was over

and he was dry.
He got back on Pride

and finished his ride.

 Pride never said a word

 after that day.
Bill just thinks he said

all he had to say.
Now Bill takes a bath

And puts oats out

for Pride  with his hay.
Bill has since lost

 fifty pounds,

 by the way.


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There was a cross

made of timber

That held a man

who was so tender

The life was draining

out of him fast

And the rain

came in at last

The sky became

very dark

As the in of a spear

found its mark

His side was struck

by the blow

Then the blood poured

in a steady flow

He cried out

to his Father

who was looking down

While blood entered

his eyes coming from

the thorn crown.

This cross that He

once held its weight,

was holding Him

as He met His fate.



Three days

after Jesus died.
He rose up to

His father's side
Yes he died

on the cross

He carried that day
For all of our sins

To be washed away.


It was Easter day

when He rose above.
Can you imagine

the power

of His love?


Up in heaven Jesus walks

alone thinking

of his days on earth.
He remembers far

back as His birth.
He thinks of the three

Wise men who

traveled so far
And how they were guided

by a very bright star.
He thinks back

to the miracles

he performed as

He walked the land.
He thinks of the day

he died 

for the sins of man.
He reflects back

to the hours

He spent

on the cross of wood.
He thinks of

the amount of pain 

He endured that

no other man could.
He remembers the weight

of the cross He carried

through the streets
Then He looks down

at the holes

in His hands and feet.
He thinks of the ones

who knelt and prayed 

for Him.
Then He says to Himself,

"If I had to……

I would do it all again."
Then He walks back

with pride
To sit by His Fathers

right hand side.



Hello I am Mike The Welcoming Liasion Officer at The Writers & Poetry Alliance  here you can seen me with my books and the highest prestigious Bard Award...I hope you enjoy my web page ... on the left hand side of page you will see a couple of my poems, I chose these poems out of all the many I have because I believe they really do portray both me and my work very well... For I wanted to show my  love of life and down to earth sense of humour and also my deep love of God...I hope you enjoy...To read more about me and all my books please just keep scrolling down the page ....Mike!

To me rain is the tears of GOD. His tears of love! HE produces each one to make all that He created believe in Him. From the smallest seed to the biggest tree, from the ant to the blue whale! But most of all the tears are produced for us the human race. If you have ever produced a tear because you believed It to be the true way of trying to get another to love you Then and only then will you understand these words I present to you...Love Mike

My Latest & Ninth Book


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 Book Eight My Song Lyrics

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Book Seven

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The Porter family is about a father left to bring up his two sons after the death of his native American wife 'Golden Feather' He eventually becomes town sheriff cleaning up the town to make it a safe place to live in. But all goes terribly wrong when gold is discovered in the nearby hills, to bring in miners, gamblers, wild women and thieves…thus making the Sheriff’s job so dangerous he ends up getting very badly shot so that he can no longer intercede with the crimes leaving the town free to be taken over and be completely ruled by the saloon owner gambler ‘Blackie Price’ Who drives all the good people away but only after robbing them of all the gold they had gained from the sale of their homes and land…Eventually though the Sheriff gets his health back and along with his now grown up sons he plans to recruit others to help bring about the downfall of Blackie Price, by destroying the corrupt town that he had now built up….

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My Six Book

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This Michael's second story book The Cross is about three sisters (triplets) each with their own disability living on a mountainside where they befriend a young man who has been brought up by wolves when he lived in a cave with them after being taken there by his parents to protect the gold that his father had mined for...This gold corrupts and destroys not only the young man but also corrupts two of the girls...Only Mary the most devout of the sisters is not tempted by it refusing to go on a spending spree like the others for she genuinely cares for the wolves that befriend her... this story told in an adapted rhyming couplets style is a wonderful read about love, life, nature and greed has a really good twisting climax with a really wonderful moral within... Michael is a great story teller and a wonderful natural rhyming poet as you will see by this book...

ISBN: 978-1-4357-5284-9

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Book Five

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A wonderful fictional story about another boy Mike living in the hills of Tennessee. A young boy who befriends Joe a lad greatly abused by his father, until one day after tragic circumstances Mike's parents adopt him to be Mike's brother... Joe is a very special boy loving and kind... An angel on Earth? Maybe for he does knowingly sacrifice his own life to help any animal in the wild that he see's in distress...Having no fear of wild Cats, Bears or Boars as he moves in close to help them... This is a very loving, very moving story that will be loved by all...Told in rhyme it just flows from page to page showing clearly one event in these boys lives after another... until they become young men then their lives take different directions with Mike going to fight for his country as a marine in the Korean War...Joe staying behind...

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Book 4 My Wonderful Acheivement

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This beautiful book will reach out and touch all that read. Within this book you will find many poems of prayers asking for love and understanding, peace and good health not only for the sick but also for the young and healthy who worry not only about the ailments of man but greatly too about the troubles of the world... This is a book that will help any church, organisation or school where their is a need for prayers said...and it will grace any doctors or hospital waiting rooms. But most importantly this is a book purposely published to raise funds for Charity...The Ronald McDonald Houses

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This is a very unique book where Mike has the main character a Hilly-billy moon-shiner writing the poetry within it.  His poems portray the life he lives as well as the life style of all his hilly-billy friends. He has many tales about his daily life, his dog, his cap and his gun and of cause his moonshine drinking and his very run down home which he is so proud to say, "But It's Mine" YES! It is all his but get the book then you will find that you are thanking him for sharing it...

Mike This is a great poetic read that is both amusing and enlightening, a fantastic look at the moonshiners life that all especially men will greatly enjoy reading and seeing because the imagery is so well portrayed... a triumph for you at providing such a joyful read...Pat Simpson

BUT IT`S MINE' is absolutely delightful, and full of such fun reading! What a sense of humor he has, huh!! You did an excellent job putting the book together, as well. Very very nice! Char

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This poetry book I found to be enlightening in both the content and the emotion I felt as I read each poem.. Each poem is well written with many good subjects and morals within the verse. The Author took me from very emotional poetry to a fantasy land to a Christmas adventure with many animals and characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover and I highly reccommend it for the spiritual value and subject material he has written of. There are lovely black and white photos that enhance his words also.. This book will be another one to add to my poetry collection. It is a pleasure for all ages also. Christina R Jussaume Author/Poet

My First book

This is Mike's First book is a good variety of poetry that covers all of life's emotions by all walks of life... within this book Mikes love of God can be seen along with his sense of humour and outlook on life. This book has a few poems including many about a moonshine making and drinking character who live up in the hills the main one loving to write poetry about his lifestyle...

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...."The Fruit of my Pen" is a lovely poetry book that has humor.. spiritual poetry and poems of life and life situations. It is well written in many styles with the heart and essence of it's author. It brought smiles to my face and peace within my heart as I read the various poems in this collection. The poet writes with lots of emotion and good imagery all the way through and you feel as if you are the person the poem is about. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the poems within and would highly recommend it to anyone wishing a fine book for their poetry collection. Kudos to you Mike.. a lovely read...Christina R Jussaume Author/Poet...

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