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To be able to portray

Everything you do.

This is a member site

To visit each day

To show off your talent

In  every way.

Our members are truly

Writers that care.

With poets that really

Is not so rare.

Here we will help you

Polish your skill,

So dreams of a book

You do  fulfill.

Pick up your pens Writers

And do do with flair,

Then submit here on site

For all to share!

Being reviewed by friends

You'll find helpful indeed,

Truly the best way

To  learn with speed!

If you’re a novelist or

A poet  like us,

Members then you'll find

The site  a great plus.

With Admin here to help

You shine and glow.

You can soon have a book

Out  happy to show

 contact  EMail:


Authors are artistes

that paint


Pictures in the minds

of others,


Hoping to move

your emotions,


To bring tears of

happinesss with Joy,


Or with  sadness

through regret.


They write to amuse you, 


To Chill and Thrill you,


Very often to guide you ,


Hoping  to inspire you!


But unless their

work is in print


It is all a  waste,


So if you have words

to say,


Don't sit on the fence


With them in a drawer


Send them to us,


Let  A P. F. P.


Publish For You.


And see the joy of


Your work


 in a BOOK


A Passionately Fair Publisher

Who Helps Publish You



UK £450 , Euro 500 or $500 USA 

will get you a book (up to 500 pages) completely published by me at Lulu  doing all that every other publisher does without any hidden extra's like personal book cover designing or picture/ photo formatting to the correct dpi needed  to get your book finished and out on sale ...then put in both Amazon and mine and your own Book Store at Lulu where you get 100%  revenue) Paid to YOU directly from Lulu via Paypal monthly or 6monthly by cheque...


Send manuscript to me with half payment  (by paypal to at the start then the balance once you are happy with your book to have it released. 

By sending me  your manuscript to me you are giving me  permission to do all the necessary work needed to get (Your Book Registered with Copyrights in Your Name)

You are also agreeing for me to advertise your book for you by any means using the media...Here I itemise just what you pay me for...


1.  Immediately on receipt of your manuscript  I will get your book an ISBN with your copyrights... this is most necessary to protect your work from being stolen when in transit back from me to you for editing etc: Be it by E: Mail or regular mail...Then once your book is completed the book and all its copyrights are yours for you to do whatever you wish with...Unlike many other publishers  I never hold on to writers copyrights...



2.  I will get your manuscript fully and beautifully formatted ready for printing...

Professionally design a book cover  to your requirements.

(No extra fees like other publishers have this is fully uncluded)


3.   I will format all your pictures to (300dpi )
the correct
format needed for printing and I will insert them into the space they are to go into the manuscript.

4.  Once done and Happy with your book I will give
Create you your own Lulu Store  where you can send friends to purchase your book gaining you revenue and also purchase your own books at the printing cost...publishers pay.... no other publisher does this ...

 (This way you can buy copies at cost to keep on hand to sell at full price  as  signed copies for friends that suggest it , thus raising your own revenue)



5.  I will also put your book in my stores at        where all can  purchase a copy raising you the 100% revenue there too....And Arrange for it to go into the World-Wide Amazon stores on internet...




 6.   All this work done on a one to one personal basis with     Pat Simpson... plus I will portray you and your book on a page of your own  on my publishing



How To Send Manuscripts 


manuscripts are best received by e-mail in the popular MS Word document format; either all pages in one document or multiple documents in the order you wish them to go in book. View the video of books I have already done ...






If you want a professional video making to promote your book our charge is $75 or equivalent






Publishing on Demand or Print on Demand (POD)

POD is done by printing only the number of books that is ordered by customers... Ordered, printed then sent. (takes about 3days) Every book sold you then get all 100% the revenue arranged to be paid straight to you either monthly by Pay Pal or 6 monthly by cheque. So any book you purchase through our stores will be with revenue earnings...books sold

Basically what I do is publish your book for you by doing all the interior manuscript work.

I get it copyrights and an ISBN number...

 I will create a personalised heading motif for your pages if needed and I will  professionally design you a full color cover picture if you have not got one of your own,

if you do have your own picture, then I  will design your cover around it for you. I will also format your own pictures that you may want to go in your book, making sure that they are formatted up to true printing standards required, I will change any color picture if necessary  to B/W (300dpi) for you...

(All this is inclusive in the price quoted above)

When done I will then tell you the printing costs of your book which of course does depend on the number of pages you have, the size of the book and whether or not you have any color inside it. COLOR can treble the price of printing that is why we recommend B/W  and why you do not see a lot of full color books about (except for Children's Books) )
Then once knowing the price of printing you  can then set your own revenue on the book

(By setting the price you wish your book to be sold)

Then once you have fully approved your book

I will put your book into your own store at Lulu and get your book Lulu's

extendedREACH service which lists your title and ISBN in bibliographic databases

both in the US and UK (Bowker and Nielsen) and makes your work available

on and Where your book will appear as a regular listing on Amazon and will be eligible for Amazon's discounts and shipping rates.  

 Once you are completely happy

Then  A.P. F. Publisher are through the book is 100% Yours


How To Send Manuscripts

If you are happy with this deal I offer then send your  Manuscript, as an attachment by e-mail using the popular MS Word document format; with all pages in one document if possible or by multiple documents in the order you wish them to go in book.For any other means ...







Don't delay send your manuscript today...

To read my happy much respected Author  remarks

Just click the appropriate page link above....


Authors / Poets

Don't stay out in the cold with all your inspired work just left where you put it after writing...


Let me help you make your book a reality!


"A story is not a story until it is spread,

  A poem is not a poem until it is read."

Give Me The Pleasure

Of helping you to be read, I will do all that other publishers do... plus much, much  more to get your book out, with all the extra's (that other publishers make you pay for) such as ... design cover-work, preparing and inserting all your pictures,   Putting ISBN with  copyrights in your book all included

Then making it available for all to see in this store... 





With Great Pleasure And True Respect

We Here Name Our Published Authors.

Caralyn Sconzo,

Christina R Jussaume                 aka   crj147
Dee Dawn                                 aka Poet Dee  

Dena M Ferrari                          aka Poet Dena

Elizabeth Marquez                      aka Quarter Moon

Erich J Goller                       aka    vienna

George L. Ellison                       aka Leolark

Jaquelyn Sturge                    aka   jay5

Janet L Vick                               aka      jlvick

Jennifer Lee Wilson

J Elwood Davis                          aka   Raindance

Joanne Agee-Bray                      aka    Rebeljo
Joe Hartman.                            aka    Joebirdies

Joree Williams

John W. Henson  

Karen O'Leary

Kathleen Zvetkoff                     aka    Lucky90250   

Lynne M. Cullen                         aka Poet Gwenifer

Lou Lenhart


Michael L Schuh                         aka    mike44
Ralph Stott

Richard A Rousay                       aka    Rickarou1
Robert Hewett Sr.                     aka    Cottonwood  

Rochelle E Fischer

Roger L S

cott.                            aka    Petit                     

Richard W. Lamp                       ake riamp4040

Patricia A Farnsworth-Simpson    aka    patsimpson

The Poets World-Wide Group

William Garret 


Don't Hesitate send  your
With half payment at the start then the balance once you are happy with your book and ready to release.....

All this is done personally for you by Pat Simpson and every book she does, she does as if our own, working to make it the best it can be, giving you the professional services that she herself would expect to see in her books... Pat will also add your book under your name to our website which will have a link to your own website details For any of this contact Pat personally at

 Once done your book is then available for all to purchase immediately from our bookstores based at lulu!  And about 6 to 8 weeks later at / UK



  Extra services if Required


For $75 or equivalent you can purchase from  Lulu their Global-reach  service  this makes your book available on, and other online retail sites.  This service also creates a listing for your book with Ingram Book Company which allows brick and mortar stores to purchase your book.service which creates a listing for your book with Ingram Book Company allowing all brick and mortar stores Golbally to purchase your book.


Book cover designing only...£50