Andrew Robertson

(Margarets Son)

Who though suffering

With disease still runs to 

partake in many events :


 His motto is

“What doesn’t kill you 

Makes you stronger”.

I pray that you will be

Moved to understand the necessity

Of raising funds like this so we can share

Tribute to help those in need of care

It's good to love it is good to give aid

To others in need that are often afraid

Because they may be facing another day

Suffering illness that won't go away

If we raise a little it will give them hope

Maybe help them find a way to cope

By seeing we care with loving hearts true

It may give the lift needed to help

them through!

God Bless the sick and God Bless you

Readers for buying this book then you

Have done your bit to help them too


@ Patricia Ann

Farnsworth Simpson

Beneath the breath of prayer

I feel thee touch of joy

My faith it reaches out to life

It nothing could destroy

There’s such a balm of comfort

That fills the whole of me

For there lives within my soul

The breath of mystery

@ Peter Duggan

Vasculitis UK .

ISBN: 978-1-387-86339-6

This Fundraising book inspired by Poet Margaret Robertson is full of some beautiful donated poems by poets 

world-wide, all wonderful words to uplift any reader with enjoyment..

Life floats quickly by ...In the blink of an eye

Seasons come and they go...Never ever seem to slow

Going quicker as we age...Turning yet another page

What’s in store come tomorrow?...Hope its happiness not sorrow


@ Margaret Robertson


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