The Writers Alliance

Poets World-Wide

This group of poets includes many of the Great Poets of our generation....
To honor them we have published Great Poets book since 2008  this we intend doing yearly to keep honouring them along with any new Poet that may come along...We give a free book publishing contract to the Poet with poem voted best by all the participating Poets ....Although Admin Team members participate in the book they are not allowed to be voted on to win....All the covers are seen here below along with that years winning Poet's book. 

   Our Up and coming Ninth Yearly Book

                            Our Eighth Yearly Book   Ann Marie Mazzarella the Winning Poets Book

                            Our Seventh Yearly Book  George L. Ellison the Winning Poets Book

                            Our sixth Yearly Book  Michael L. Schuh




                            Our Fifth Yearly Book   Karen O'leary the Winning Poets Book

Karen O'Leary Who decided to share her win with all her poet friends
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 Our Fourth Yearly Book           Winning Poet's Book

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 Our Third Yearly Anthology                  Winning Poet's Book


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 Our Second Yearly  Anthology            Winning Poet's Book

 Our First Yearly  Anthology             Winning Poet's Book

See More About Janet & Her Winning Book Here