"butterflies surround me"

butterflies surround me

leaving a nourished soul

under the sun living free

shades of color grace my being

holding close to what I see

waltzing in this wonderland

ivory thoughts come to be

never disappointing such fragrance

experience her beauty and expand




"baby bird"

fly baby bird fly

never tell why


glide baby bird glide

travel far and wide


sing baby bird sing

whether winter or spring


be free baby bird be free

not for you but for me





"where a soul has been"

flowers bloom brightly

where a soul has been

bringing light to day

touching one more soul


such vibrance of life

is within your reach

stop look and listen

for all will be clear


know of this footprint

leaving a grand trace

forever gracing

where a soul has been




Ann Marie Mazzarella

My First Book


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This book came about through my winning a poetry competition at

The Writers Alliance Poetry Site with this Poem

"for all seasons"


for all great seasons

here are my reasons

when spring arrives you give me such new life

our garden of love remains true

gentle kisses nurture

touching my heart

each time


sunrise sunsets

alone with you and close

I see the sun and moon always

for their bright lights shine for us all day through

in flamboyant fall with her wondrous flair

glory the fragrance of flowers

with love you bring to me

fresh as the air

and touch


shows gleaming whites

viewing her from afar

we remain nestled by the fire

flamed to carry us along each season


you are my reasons

for all great seasons