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A wonderful video portraying latest anthology book by world-wide poets that have been inspiringly

moved with the intention of creating a smile or two for all age group readers, Enjoy viewing its video


This wonderful anthology book features twenty-five world-wide poets all moved

with the inspiration of sharing words their words of “love” "life" and "Living!"

The kind of love experienced throughout life here on Earth

That we all need to help make grow…

                            Our Eighth Yearly Book   Ann Marie Mazzarella the Winning Poets Book

                            Our Seventh Yearly Book  George L. Ellison the Winning Poets Book

                            Our sixth Yearly Book  Michael L. Schuh




                            Our Fifth Yearly Book   Karen O'leary the Winning Poets Book

Karen O'Leary Who decided to share her win with all her poet friends
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 Our Fourth Yearly Book           Winning Poet's Book

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 Our Third Yearly Anthology                  Winning Poet's Book


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 Our Second Yearly  Anthology            Winning Poet's Book

 Our First Yearly  Anthology             Winning Poet's Book

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