Feline Heaven



I know you can

 hear my sobs as

I cry human tears


Tears can’t

take the pain

away from

missing you


Trying to be strong

as I bear the

thought of

you being gone


My heart broke the

day you went away

to that better place


How selfish am I as

I cry wanting you here

instead of where you went -


to His Feline Heaven


Love from,

The Mother Cat

Words from a Poet



Kindness in penned words,

written with grace and thoughtfulness

lifting the spirits, lifting the heart with joy.


Seeing ones life expressed with careful

selected words, one reads the open lines,

commenting how well written the pain is.


It does not take much for the broken spirit

to express eternal drama buried long ago

within a closed cover hiding the pain.


Oh Poet, release the painful past, with words

written at a pace barely allowing the pen to rest,

letting go of the remembrance of yesterday.


Close the book of days gone by.

End the final chapter and rid the mind

of the painful reminders of a lost love…


Thanking the reader of poetry

for believing in you.


Rhoda Galgiani

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