I Saw a Pixie Wave from a Train

One bright summers day
In a land not too far away
I was skipping down a lane
When I could have sworn I saw a pixie
Waving from a train.

Yoo hoo.

Well I couldn't believe my eyes
It was a big surprise
I had to pinch myself
Then I heard a chuckle

Tee hee

Someone was laughing at me
I turned around and what did I see
A cheeky elf sat in a tree

Tee hee.

And we both walked down the lane
Laughing and singing
With a happy refrain
When suddenly
What did I see
That pixie on the train
Wave at me again.

Yoo hoo.

The elf and me stopped for a picnic
With jam sandwiches and cake
And cups of tea
We became good friends
And often walk together down that lane
But never did see that pixie on the train 

When your out walking on a country lane
Keep your eyes open and you just might see
A pixie on a train wave at you like
It did me.

Yoo! Hoo!

© Peter Dome

Integrated Branches

stand firm,
boughs entwined,
in a golden field

each other
in the brisk north wind

than each one
at weathering storms


© Karen O’Leary

Black Kitty Cat


Black is the night
Light only by the moon
shadows abound
slick and quick
eyes shine bright
on this Hallow Eve's night
black and smooth
kitty cat
as creatures of 
the night
whish by
Trick or Treat...

 © Joy W. Davis


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From the humble bumble bee to the largest of beasts, each writer has brought our focus to the threatened creatures              that need help from mankind. Earth's Rain forests decimated, polluted land, air and waters, mountains quarried....                   so much destruction has made survival a true hardship. These creatures need their territories wholesome.                                    They need to live in the ecosystem they once could thrive in. 

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Midgard Serpents Reptile Rescue is a North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission licensed wildlife rehabilitation center and are also recognized by the National Amphibian and Reptile Rescue Alliance and work closely with helping out a lot of the areas animal control centers and have even helped out the NC Museum of natural science as well...

               Midgard Serpents Reptile Rescue are a Federal 501-c(3) Applied Corporation Registered with the state of NC                           as a Non-Profit Organization


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After being moved to tears watching old Veterans paying tribute to fallen comrades
Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson was inspired to write a poem which she then put on to poetry websites. Later still feeling much compassion in her heart she was moved once more by another poet's words that really did hit home because they came from Jim Elwood Davis a Marine who himself served in Vietnam. It was by reading his poems that Pat had first thoughts about the book. Ideas that Pat then passed by Jim who  immediately enthused, offered his full support in recruiting other poets to join in by donating their poetry. The response was immediate with poems coming not only from ex-service men, their sons, wives, widows and daughters but from many poets world wide that just believe it a duty to support the serving troops and Veterans...
Thus between them creating a very well accomplished book that touches upon all aspects of military life. Including poems that show the loss and injuries seen in war, the triumphs of battle, the heartache at leaving loved ones behind and the overwhelming joy at coming home…Along with many, many prayer poems asking for greater understanding and loving care be given to the returning men and Vets from other wars. This book and cover has been worked on voluntary by Pat who put all the poems so generously donated by the Poets into a manuscript to create this wonderful completed book with all revenue from sales going directly to the USO.

The Season's Collection

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The application of visionary outlook from poets and authors worldwide, have delivered word of inspirational poetry and uplifting creative thoughts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the poems from these poets and authors and tell your friends and family members
about this great Practical Poetic Anthology reflecting A Genuine Glossary of Great Poems by poets worldwide.
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A book of tales / funny true stories and jokes both old and new put into poetry many with the rhyme adding greatly to the telling and re-telling... it is a book aimed at tickling the adult mind with jest and tongue in cheek humor. This book will let you see many a well known poet in another light... A joyful experience assured...



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A delightful books for all children to love and read, one too that will be greatly enjoyed by all who love reading poetry with a story/message written within. These books are like taking a magical journey through life, where love of God triumphs and loving care of children, animals both pets and wild are shown within the pages. A book passionately put together by poets world-wide to give children pleasure and encourage them to read more, but also to help raise funds for sick children in need as every author taking part as donated their work to aid the very worthy cause...



Book To Help Those With Alzheimers


This book came about through the caring love and dedication by poet Terri Wright, whose mother is a victim to the Alzheimer curse.

The pain of seeing her Mother lost in mind to her provoked her into trying to do something to help her and others like her to get the cure needed. With encouragement from her friends Pat Simpson and Daveda Gruber Terri wrote an appeal out on all the internet poetry sites she was a member of appealing for poets to write and donate a poem into this book done to raise funds by giving all the revenue to the charity! The response was immediate with many well known well published poets/ authors writing wonderful words to donate.

Thus Terri saw her hopes of doing something come true!

For here within this book you will find poems that show true understanding for the one suffering the illness and all so much compassion for the families involved that really do feel the pain of seeing a loved one losing all their recollection of them and the day!

There is many wonderful prayer poems too, that have been penned

In appeal to God and His healing Angels to come close around all these patients, to hold them tight and let them feel the love that the families at this time feel as if they are failing to show! There are poems to help theses families understand that it is just a temporary forgetfulness of them by the elderly because when the time comes for God’s calling they will once again see all clarity returned!

The publishers Passion for Poetry happily gave their services for free for the cause

(Pat & Daveda both poets themselves)

Say “It was a pleasure and honor to put this book into print and to be associated with all the esteem poets involved.

 Now anyone purchasing the book can do so with the joy of knowing they too have helped raise cash for the fund...

The cover art work done by Pat Simpson shows a couple standing tall against the trees, but small beside the man made tower blocks.

 Pat believes the tower blocks are symbolic of the walls people can build around themselves to protect or to sometimes to hide in...
Alzheimers is a tower block that we pray with more help and study

man will find a way of demolishing it...
Please help us to find the way, get a copy of this book and encourage more to buy it at

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Charity Books Here in their own book stores




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