Dear Child of Mine
For Mary-Catherine

Dear Child of Mine

We waited so long
for You

Finally You are here

Our little angel
embracing our Lives

with a Love so overwhelming
it leaves our heart bursting

Every day is a new experience
Looking at the world through

Your eyes                                                         

Brings such joy to our days

Showing you our world
Makes everything more exciting 

As time moves on
We promise to continue to 

with all that we can

As you have enriched our
Just by being in

Our Midst.


Family Tree


Solid strong trunk
with lean branches
reaches out toward
the world
like a man and woman
guiding their children
in the right way
to be their own person


Poet's Song

Words on paper
are the notes in
my song sung
together into a
special rhyme
to live on 

  to be sung
  many times.

Dogwood Tree

Tall slender
softly tanned
to the music of the wind
like a ballerina
dancing on a dark stage
reaching for the impossible
gracefully ending
in a stillness of beauty.


The Sunset

The sunset fades
like old letters
written on crisp blue paper
lined with pale golden creases
its brillant colors like lines
of words written in different
colors of ink
blurred from endless readings.


Uncontained Emotions

Soar and fly lifting their wings

In a cloudless sky
never knowing where to go
or even what to do
feel uncontrolled

lost tossed aside

listening to nothing
just trying to find a way
in hopes of a calmer day

Joy Ward Davis

A Poets Song

ISBN: 9781387146840​

 A Fathers Love

A Father's Love comes through in not only hugs and kisses
Little girls learn their words of wisdom if they will listen
My fathers voice spoke wisely 
in you will have these things or
Down the road they are doing a many a thing
but that don't mean you need to do it, he showed his love in many ways
always making sure we had all of our needs and some of our wants
my father often told me he loved me stuck around to raise two daughters
when his wife died, but he never complained and he always
knew we needed him

He was one of the good guys and I am proud he was mine
I say his words of wisdom often now cause I know they were the truth
and because I know he is looking down from heaven grinning as I am finding
it all out that he was right all along and especially today and as all days I
remember him for like my heavenly father he was always there
for me and today He still is embracing our lives even more.


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