Weaving Words

(F&L Rhyming Mary’s Way)


Weaving words to write poetry

Making rhymes so soothing to me

Take readers over land and sea

Weaving words with my poetry


Come with me as I tell my tales

Be transported through hills and dales

See through the many coloured veils

Come along as I weave my tales


See many stories new and old

 Be enchanted as they unfold

Ye the reader may need be bold

See what I write from days of old


Weaving words feels so good to me

Leaving my readers full of glee

Believing everything they see

Weaving their dreams all made by me


Sky Fall





Climb of

Twenty four

Miles to the edge

Of space up there he did go

In his sights a record to

Break experiments he

Had also to make

A careful thorough

Countdown gone through

He did ascend







Falling in pressure

Suit at speed of sound

Tumbling down in his

Sky fall opens chute

 As he lands feet first


*A tribute to Felix Baumgartner





Poetic Musings

Take a Letter “P”


Pens and

Pencils, tools of our trade

Paper used a



Probing thoughts

Peering around

Partial to certain subjects



Poetry comes in many forms

Prose is just one style

Perfecting text till it’s just right



Performing ones own written work

Pitching to the crowd

Pacing about during the act


Polishing the final draft

Publishers are waiting

Printers ready for the text



Publicity next, that’s the tricky bit

Personal choices vary

Perusal at the bookstore shelf



Practice of verse and of rhyme

Pulls in every direction

Placing syllables in strict lines



Parting with one’s innermost thoughts

Psychologically soothing

Primal desires stir the soul


                 By Poet Leolark

Random Thoughts

Some times my thoughts are random

When the muse strikes me

My pen nib it starts twitching

As my ideas they enthuse

Writing away on paper

The random thoughts my brain devises

Page after page of material

Some good, some bad, some average

So many moods enfold me

So much to see and dwell

So many different topics

Situations for to tell

Tales they are a plenty

In many styles and voices

Subjects are so varied

So many different choices

Then something leaps straight at me

For now I am decided

On the story or poem to be composed

I set to work with my head down

With  my attention undivided


Poet Leolark



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Do you want to know my story
Well! There isn't much to tell
I was born in the month of August
Under Leos’ spell
Twas the year of the Dragon
As it will be in 2012
When I will attain sixty years
But on that let us not delve!
I only live ten miles
From the place where I was born
In a hospital in Newcastle
That's closed now, tired and worn
I would be seen on regular occasions
From the age of four I was heard to sing
I was called “The Happy Wanderer”
For often doing my thing!
From the tune I had on my lips
I never knew of a music chart
But tunes just seemed to stick
In my mind and in my heart!
At twenty-one I went abroad
Europe for to see
But it was my time at Dachau
That made the biggest impression on me
In Seventy- four I made the trip
To the palace to be presented
By the Duke of Edinburgh
In the ballroom I happily attended
A day I'll not forget
For it was most splendid
To receive my D of E award
For  my effort in the work I did
I spent a few years hostelling
Where I met my ex and my best man
Then in eighty-two I met Sheila
And soon became a married man
Now I have written
About all of this and much more
In poetic muses for you to
Enjoy for sure!
My Latest Book
Weaving Words is just what this poet truly does... both with content and subjects
suitable for all portrayed most especially in the great many varying poetry styles 
and forms that are around today ... including some in Georges own creations 
and that of his fellow Poets at the Writers & Poetry Alliance
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In This My First Book Titled:


ISBN: 978-1-4466-1993-3 Cover designed by Pat Simpson
      It is with great pleasure that I present this body of work amassed over the last 17 years; I hope you enjoy the reading of them as I have in writing them! These poems cover a wide variety of moods, sentiments, likes and dislikes and many different styles, which I have attempted to master  Including two of my own invented styles Take a Letter in which each line begins with the nominated letter and the last line of verse being just one word  And the 5’s and 3’s style, which has 15, lines with set syllable counting:   I have started with poems Poetic Musings done in my own created style  followed by Verse which best describes my thoughts on my own work, though the first poem I wrote was Concrete Jungle.  A few of the poems are of my thoughts on the society in which I live and some of the subjects that really get under my skin!    Some of my poems are Humorous, well if we didn’t have any fun, life would be pretty miserable for all of us, I have poked fun at people I know as well as myself, anyone who recognises themselves in any of my work please be assured it is all tongue in cheek . Some poems are of a romantic nature, there is always romance in all walks of life and I have taken a few liberties in the writing of some of these poems about friend’s acquaintances and lost loves!    Then there are the best of the rest of my poems written in the last 17 years including Fateful Forecast a poem about the perils of the sea, Lest we Forget which was some years in the making as the event happened in 1973 and has been imprinted on my psyche ever since...

      The Hug which was inspired by reading Staying Alive a compilation of poems from Bloodaxe Publishers who had two different poems of the same title and different lengths and I just thought I could do one on that subject hence the poem. Brother Masons Harmony.

       This is a Masonic poem about performing after dinner to those present, it could just as easily fit any performing situation  Sir Bobby is about Sir Bobby Robson and all he represented.

       I hope you enjoy the rest without preamble as I say in  My Copyright some are better than others I know that without being told, but I put them into print so you can judge for yourself!

 George  L. Ellison


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