Old Bob

Old Bob he was my hero

In a funny kind of way.

Although I never knew it then

I just thought he was okay.

We used to pass some hours away

Talking deep and mystic things.

And Bob would strum his old guitar

And sometimes he would sing.

I‘d spruke a bit in them gone days

I was a foolish little man.

I’d act all kind of knowing

Like all things I’d understand.

But old Bob He'd take it in his stride

With his knowing little  smile.

Yet he would never put me down

No, that was not his style.

Old Bob, I never knew him

But I’m proud he called me mate.

He was my Maori warrior

Sent down to me by fate.

 Old Bob’s no longer with us

That old cancer took his life.

But he just took it in his stride

When he knew his time was rife.

He woke up smiling, then he died

So I know he found that space.

Old Bob he joined his warriors

With a smile upon his face


So Much More


You be so much more beautiful

Than I have ever seen you

Just like a rose of sweet fragrance

Your essence shines on through

And touches every part of me

With the perfume of your love

Are you an angel sent from up above?


You be much more of everything

Than I've seen you before

That you do shine out more each day

And will forever more

This be a certainty to me

Because my heart does say

That you, you be a star in every way.

You be a flower of the Sun

Your fragrance touches me

Oh, when you smile that love soaked smile

How lovely dear, you be

Your soft hair shines beneath the Sun

Your smile through eyes so blue

All these things, you are, they make me love you.

You be much more than anything

That ever touched my life

You be the star within my song

For you, my lovely wife

Be all a man could ever want

And oh, I love you so

Because of you, my love can only grow. 










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      It all started when I was a small child in Peckham, London. Writing was in my blood even then, I used to write stories when I was eight years old and all my teachers said I was going to be an author when I grew up. It all ended when I discovered cycling and put all my attention on riding for miles around South-east England. Then girls come along until finally I met my wife Vera who is an Australian lady, and we emigrated to Western Australia  We have lived here since 1967. I joined the army soon after I landed in Perth, and within a year I was fighting in Vietnam. I had forgotten all about writing as drinking, and living a wild life ruined me. It was then that I discovered that I had PTSD from my time at war.   A counselor told me to write all my troubles down, which I did, and discovered that I could write in perfect rhyme.  This was forty years ago, and I have been writing ever since. I had no thoughts about publication until I was invited to join the Alliance poetry site, where I decided to get Pat {the owner of the site] to publish this book for me. I write with simplicity because I am a simple person and I want that each one who reads my poems will understand every word I write. I thank Pat with the utmost sincerity for publishing this book for me. She is one fine lady and she is adored by every one who knows her.  I sincerely hope that each one who reads this book will enjoy my words and I hope that some of my poems inspire them to discover something beautiful within themselves...

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