'I Pray!'

I pray you hold your head up high,

That you endeavour and always try,

To forgive whenever there is a need,

That you can achieve without greed,

Whilst understanding with true care,

This world was meant for all to share.

I pray that if you lose your way,

You do not slip or further stray,

But learn by it and understand,

God is always there to give a hand.

I pray your searching will never cease,

Till you find God and perfect peace.

God gives,
And God takes away!
But He's always there,
At the end of the day!
With arms open,
To hold us tight,
So don't be afraid,
Of His might!
Just take strength,
From the light above,
Let this feed you,
With His love!
Yes! God does give
But when He takes away,
It's not the one gone,
Who is astray!
For when we see them go
And disappear,
All they have done
Is gone home from here!
Because we are the ones
That is truly lost,
So never let fear,
Be the cost!
For when God takes,
It's for happiness to give,
To the one gone to Heaven
So they'll happily live!


For the gift of faith and peace within,

We Thank Thee Lord!

For the forgiveness of sin

We Thank Thee Lord!

For the home of Heaven up above,

We Thank Thee Lord!

For unconditional everlasting love,

We Thank Thee Lord!

For the Planet Earth and all there-on,

We Thank Thee Lord!

For the promise of life to be won!

We Thank Thee Lord!

Our' Angel' is always on her knees,
Praying for all and passing on pleas!
To the Greatest Physician asking that care,
Be sent to those in this poem of prayer!

This prayer is for all, so please take part,
And join in prayer for the sad at heart,
For those who have seen, a loved one lost,
And are finding it hard to count the cost!

This is a prayer for those, leaders blind,
So they see the way to help mankind,
Pray all these men will be given to wear,
Inspirational glasses to see and share,
So they don't selectively use a funnel,
With vision seen through a one way tunnel!

This is a prayer for the sick who suffer so,
We ask that healing they’ll come to know!
This is a prayer that God’s healers will see,
All the names below and help them to be,
Touched by His hand of healing love,
With all the power that comes from up above!

This is a Plea! That you’ll read this and see,
How strong prayer is when you join in with me!
For joining together makes the vibration strong,
And as powerful as a hymn or psalm in song,
A delicate wave length to touch the ear,
Of the healing Angels so they’ll appear!

On that energy of light to heal with love,
Assisting the great Physician above!
By being his scalpel with ointment to heal,
Like magically performing healing surreal!
So everyday pray for Healing Angels to look,
At the names in this prayer/poem healing book!


          Brooklyn Barton Sable:                                                   Legendry Linda & Her Dad: Maximillian:
JOANHELEN & Eve Lyn, Carole Arnold:
Pat & Tony & family: Donna G Fowler: Connieholt:
legendarylinda: Bob Bowling: lucky90250 & family:

Punpkindoodle:twright0213 & Mom: Charles & Moira:
LESLIE aka SHAUNMOM: Robert Woodcock & Family:
Marne & Father: Deborah Houlding & family:

Sylvia Butler: Poet shaunmom: Sharon aka Ali1020:
GeorgeAnne smith aka beticantoo: LASSIEBABY & Sister in Law:

Kingskid & Husband Bill: Graham Farnsworth:
songbirdllc: GeorgeAnne Smith: Davida: Louise: Anklescar:
Jayda and son Alex:

MARNE: Lucky90250 & Parents:
ECK: His PARENTS & Family: starlet:
Lady longfellow (Alice's Friend Kathleen Henkle.)
Pat's Hubby Tony Simpson: Joy Harper:ECK & KAMI & TROY:

Robert Jussaume: DONNA /LASSIEBABY:
Angelo & Tina: Radiant ember's Sister Kay:

JOREE: Creating The Moment (mary):
MARNE: BETTY her Husband & Son: Pamibear:

Family of Poet Williamz: CHAZZ:
LINDA & Daughter Michelle & Granddaughter:
Rebel Jo's Neice Kelly:
Bethie and her son Joe jr: Joe Harper:
Edward Mergenthaler and his wife Rose Ann

PAMIBEAR & SHAUNMOM: JOREE Williams and Family:
Ralph Zimmer's Family: Pattymews: Christian Vafides:

               Ken Cowle's Granddaughter Rachael:Lassiebaby:                JoanHelen: Crj147 Tina and all her family:
 Michelle Butler:Greybear:Jeannette Seals & Family: Chazz: Mike44: Christina & Hank Jussaume: Linda D Blakely : Daveda Gruber: Tedmac1: Freda Bradley:Marne Sayvre: Charlotte Nist:   


Dear GOD Let this picture of Madeleine be synmbolic of all missing children...
Please God hear our prayers and help her and all missing children                to be re-united with their families!
Also hear our prayers for all involved in the tragedy at Virginia Tech and all other's involved inl other incidents throughout our schools today
All the victims disasters throughout the world:
Who suffer unbeknown to us!


This poem has a book with an eternal flame,
To show it’s universal like an Olympic game!
For all to see this prayer is religion free,
That it´s a pray said together universally


       This prayer is not about religion, division or segregation..

IT is just about LOVE! 

     Please give me the names of anyone in need of prayers..

You can do this with a message in my guestbook! 

The Church of LOVE