This book would not have been

made possible without the input of 

   Carol and John Butson.

They each gave their time, energy

and expertise freely.

I would also like to acknowledge the

dramatic photograph appearing

on the front cover.

The photographer John Harrison,

who also hails from Plymouth,

 kindly placed this photograph in

the public domain of Pinterest.

It depicts the impact of a storm

striking our shores  January 2014.


Special thanks go to Godfrey Ackers

who has applied the support and his

experience to write such a sound

foreword for this anthology.


So, on behalf of all of the contributors

 at Waterfront Writers, Plymouth.

We offer our sincere thanks to all

and wish to acknowledge your

best endeavours.

Best wishes,

     Annie Jenkin.



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This new anthology contains 91 pieces from 19 of its members, of which all but seven are in verse, ranging from comic verse through structured verse to free verse. 

The prose pieces include two short stories and five short stories in what can be described as poetic prose. It is truly remarkable how wide are the topics and how differently they are considered. Read together, no-one would come to the conclusion that they were from the same group....

All The  Participating Poets Names in Order They Appear in book


              Joyce Mathews                          Carol Butson                   Annie Jenkins             


                  Jack Horne                           Sylvia Parry                          Thea Bruten     


             Natalie Molyneux                       Jan Stalker                        Wendy Ronayne      


        Sarah Boulton-Way                       Heather Grange                           Shirley Bickford    

                     Cally Starforth-Hill 

              Terry Telford                           Chrissie-Jo Impey            Lynne Turner      Nick Spargo   


Hope You Enjoy The Video Portraying All